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Chris Urso – URS Capital Partners – Episode 20

Chris Urso

Chris Urso

URS Capital Partners

Christopher Urso is managing partner of URS Capital Partners and since 2007 he has been committed to the company’s growth.
Christopher has been responsible for cultivating the firm’s strong relationships via its industry partners, private investors and real estate professionals. From 2008-2009, Christopher led a multi-state team to acquire, renovate and sell over 60 single family homes. In 2010 he directed the firms efforts towards multifamily with the purchase of a vacant 40 unit building and has since taken a very systematic path to acquiring over $100,000,000 in multifamily assets.


Real Estate




About URS Capital Partners

URS Capital Partners is a highly focused multifamily firm with a combination of institutional and entrepreneurial leadership. With over 1,800 units acquired in strategic growth markets throughout the Southeast and Midwest, URS has proven its ability to generate double digit yields on both leveraged and unleveraged investments.

Our firm’s primary focus is creating value. The opportunity for value that URS targets is often derived from distressed sellers, inappropriate capital structures, significant capital needs and/or poor management resulting in underperformance in rent growth and operations.

By investing with URS, you can rely on our team to thoroughly stress-test opportunities before we offer them to our investors. We leverage our extensive experience in both acquisitions and operations to provide you with opportunities that most investors never have access to.

Clay Malcolm – New Direction IRA – Episode 19

Clay Malcolm

Clay Malcolm

New Direction IRA

Clay oversees most avenues of marketing, teaches Continuing Professional Education and informal classes and webinars, and facilitates the training of our business development and client relations teams. Clay has more than 20 years of management experience in various roles, including as the vice president of Jersey Films and as a director for Princeton Review. Clay draws upon his teaching background – including instructor roles with Colorado Outdoor Training Initiative and Ivy West Education – to develop the educational aspects of New Direction IRA and impart knowledge about self-directed IRAs to its clients and prospective clients. Clay received his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Northwestern University.


IRA Custodian




About New Direction IRA

Today, New Direction IRA employs over 70 employees and holds 1.7 billion dollars in IRA assets under administration. One of the founding principles of New Direction IRA, Inc. is to bring information about self-directed IRA investing out of obscurity and into the arena of common knowledge. New Direction employs an education-based business model with the goal of making the details of self-directed IRA investing transparent and accessible.

In addition to our industry-best educational webinars, specialized videos, and cutting-edge blogs and articles, New Direction provides live presentations for investors of all asset markets, and offers continuing education courses for CPAs, attorneys, and real estate professionals. We pride ourselves in consistently being a leading provider of self-directed IRA education and administrative services. We believe in empowering our clients with the education they need to confidently make knowledgeable investment decisions for their individual retirement account.

Megan Galane – Mountain West IRA – E14

Megan Galane

Megan Galane


Mountain West IRA

Megan Galane, Director of Business Development, joined Mountain West IRA in May 2014. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah. Megan acts as a point person for potential clients through the application process and funding of their new accounts. Megan is an avid blogger, podcaster, and enjoys the Florida sun while spending time with her dogs, Baby and Bailey. She is available to answer any of your questions regarding self-directed IRAs.


Real Estate, Notes, Private Placements




About Mountain West IRA

Founded by CEO Jon A. Galane in April of 2006, Mountain West IRA is one of the nation’s leading independent self-directed IRA and 401(k) administration companies, specializing in record keeping services for individuals and small business owners who desire to include non-traditional assets within their tax-deferred and tax-free portfolios. With offices in Idaho and Florida, Mountain West IRA prides itself in offering self-directed retirement plans to clients nationwide at the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Our goal is to assist you with your alternative asset purchases while paying little or no taxes. Building wealth can be difficult, but our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to serving as your primary source for financial education, enabling you to make informed self-directed asset purchasing decisions.

Preston Despenas – Growth Equity Group – E13

Preston Despenas

Preston Despenas

Growth Equity Group

Founder of Growth Equity Group, Preston Despenas quickly took the alternative investment firm from startup to being a highly visible leader in innovating the retirement, real estate, and investment spaces.
Preston first discovered his passion and talent for entrepreneurship and real estate while still in college. Since obtaining his broker’s license and completing his first deal in 1998, he hasn’t looked back. He has since been involved in over 400MM worth of real estate transactions, including heading up a Chicago based leasing and property management firm which he launched in 1999.


Real Estate






An all-in-one solution to ease you into the self-directed IRA real estate investing arena so you can come out on top.


About Growth Equity Group

GEG is an alternative investment company specializing in providing innovative solutions to aid individual investors in building passive income and wealth for retirement. Growth Equity Group’s disruptive suite of services and technology has become a game changing force in the investment world; gaining great acclaim for delivering industry leading solutions.

Growth Equity Group is headquartered in Chicago, IL, with local professionals on the ground in major cities across the US. With over 40 years’ of experience GEG executive team continues to drive what’s next on the real estate, retirement planning, and investment landscape. GEG and its founders have appeared in virtually all major news outlets, been featured in Realty 411 Magazine, and are winners of the prestigious Think Realty Innovator and Chicago Innovation Awards. In 2016 GEG was selected to participate in the NASDAQ Closing Ceremony.

Eddie Speed – Note School – E12

Eddie Speed

Eddie Speed


Note School

Since 1980, W. Eddie Speed has dedicated his professional life to the seller financing and non-performing note industry. Over the years, he has introduced innovative ideas and strategies that have positively impacted the way the industry operates today.
Eddie founded NoteSchool which is a highly recognized training company specialized in the teaching of buying both performing and non-performing discounted mortgage notes. He is the owner and president of Colonial Funding Group LLC, which acquires and brokers discounted real estate secured notes. In addition, he is also a principal in a family of Private Equity funds that acquires bulk portfolios of notes.
He has been a leader and innovator in the Note Business for over 30 years. He will tell you that those 30 plus years have prepared him for the incredible opportunities of this current real estate market.






About Note School

Our mission is to provide superior training that is timely, relevant and accurate – and above all, actionable in the current market.

Our training is presented in ways that are easy to comprehend and implement so that you get superb results.

NoteSchool takes pride in delivering the highest level of note training that enables our students to create wealth and a secure financial future.

At NoteSchool we are fully committed to educating each of our students to be successful, ethical and responsible leaders in the note industry as well as in their own communities.

Kirk Chisholm – Innovative Wealth Management – E11

Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm


Innovative Wealth Management

Kirk Chisholm is a Wealth Manager and Principal at Innovative Advisory Group. His roles at IAG are co-chair of the Investment Committee and Head of the Traditional Investment Risk Management Group. His background and areas of focus are portfolio management and investment analysis in both the traditional and alternative investment markets.
Kirk has been providing wealth management services to individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, and their families, as well as businesses and organizations since 1999. Kirk is dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all of his clients. One of the benefits of working with Kirk is his patience and his ability to provide clear, easy to understand explanations of all financial options.
Prior to integrating with Innovative Advisory Group in 2008, Kirk founded Stirling Global Advisors, LLC in 2005, a full-service private wealth management firm. Kirk has also held wealth management roles at both UBS PaineWebber and Smith Barney. Contact Kirk


Wealth/Risk Management




About Innovative Wealth Management

Today’s economic environment is constantly evolving and these changes are happening at an increasing rate. You want a firm that keeps up with those changes and evolves to meet the growing needs of its clients. A firm that stays ahead of the curve with current trends, investment strategies, and client service. A firm that understands you and your family’s specific needs.

Innovative Advisory Group (IAG) strives to change the wealth management profession through innovation. This innovation adds the capability of providing a wide variety of investment strategies using both traditional and alternative investments, and is built on a strong foundation of risk management and due diligence.

You may have a specific investment in mind for your Self-Directed IRA or Self Directed 401k. You may be wondering if the financial plan you have in place is serving your best interests. We can help. We are independent, full-service Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors, and our loyalty is to you, our client, and not to specific products.

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about Innovative Advisory Group wealth management, or call today for a free, no-obligation consultation that will help you determine whether we are the appropriate advisors for your wealth management needs.

Tyler Carter – Nuview IRA – E10

Tyler Carter

Tyler Carter


NuView IRA

I help raise awareness of the benefits of self-directed IRAs. I seek to educate seasoned investors, professionals, and novices alike through regular in-office workshops as well as certified continuing education courses. Through CPE for CPAs, CLE for Attorneys, and CE for both CFPs and Realtors, I have successfully broadened the local knowledge base on self-direction.As a resource to prospect and current clients, I ensure investors understand the rules and regulations of IRAs as well as the investment opportunities available for retirement plans. On the wholesale side, I work with Broker-Dealers, Sponsors, and Registered Investment Advisors to help them access their investor’s IRA funds for current offerings.


IRA Custodian




About NuView IRA

Trust has always been part of our DNA, now it’s part of our name! NuView is excited to announce the launch of NuView Trust Company, Inc.

The vast majority of IRA holders invest in public equities through mutual funds, while others select individual stocks to hold in their retirement portfolio. However, there is a growing segment of investors who wish to access investments not offered by Wall Street brokers or the traditional markets.

Since our formation more than 10 years ago, NuView Trust has strived to provide our clients with the broadest possible choices in their IRAs. While other custodians tend to reject non-traditional investments, NuView’s administrative platform was designed with alternatives in mind.

With a self-directed IRA, the client serves as the account fiduciary, and as such, NuView Trust does not render tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other professional advice. If tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other similar expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

Our positioning as a smaller, private firm gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace because we’re able to hand pick the best opportunities and harvest only the best opportunities for Prime Pinnacle Members.

Chaz Guinn – Granite Strategic Investments – E9

Chaz Guinn

Chaz Guinn

Granite Strategic Investments

Mr. Guinn is the President of Granite Strategic Investments, which is a subsidiary of Granite Investment Group, an Irvine, California-based company that manages over $1 billion in real estate assets. From 2011-15, Chaz was focused on the architecture and educational platform at Granite Loan Solutions, where he rose to become a partner in the company. Over the last five years he has managed and liquidated over of $400M in assets, and over 5,500 loans and properties. Chaz specializes in distressed whole loan trading, asset management, note investor education, and servicing. He has built his reputation on a track record of structuring, negotiating and executing some of the hardest trades possible in the low-value distressed market segment.


Lien Loans




About Granite Strategic Investments

Granite Strategic Investments (“GSI”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Granite Investment Group (“Granite”), an Irvine, California-based company, which currently manages over one billion in real estate assets. Granite participated in the space of acquiring, managing, and trading 1st lien distressed residential mortgages from 2010-2013 when it sold its distressed loan business to its management team. Granite made the decision to re-enter the business and formed GSI, whose primary objective is to be a market leader in the low-to-moderate income asset-class and provide solutions to both the banking sector, distressed homeowners, private investors, and local communities and neighborhoods that have been affected by the financial downturn in the housing market. Our focus is centered on loans secured by properties with market values of less than $200,000. We feel this sector of the market is underserved, and we specialize in this niche asset class.

Our acquisition and trade platform has been designed to provide sellers and trade partners with an efficient, cost-effective, and transparent means to work with us. We identify the risk in these assets through demanding analytics and a hands-on due diligence approach prior to assigning a suitable value to each loan. GSI utilizes proprietary tools that combine sophistication with simplicity to effectively price portfolio’s based on many risk factors. Such as loss-mitigation strategies, financial health of the defaulted homeowner, the supply and demand in local markets, along with macroeconomic factors such as house price trends, interest rate inflation, and unemployment rates.

GSI’s selected niche in the low-to-moderate income segment is based on the fact that lower-valued loans require a more borrower-focused approach to loan resolution which makes it challenging for larger financial institutions given their current overheads and the lack of bandwidth to handle these loans. Our infrastructure, which includes strong internal processes, years of experience dealing with scratch and dent loans, the utilization of specialized vendors and a proven method in the management of these companies, allows us to handle the volume while gaining the benefits of a successful resolution with the homeowners whenever possible. GSI has built a vast network of smaller, local, and regional investors that offer the advantage of a hands-on approach to resolution of the loans. Whether they are a family office, a smaller non-profit, or a private investor using their IRA, this network of buyers/investors has been part of a on-going strategy for distribution of loans to local investors while GSI continues to builds up its infrastructure and management processes to focus on loan resolutions on a larger scale.



Recent Self-Directed Retirement Investing news, blog posts, and more!

SDIRA TV Offers Irma Victims Insight On Using 401k Money To Recover

via PR Web

Web-based SDIRA TV channel offers key knowledge from financial experts on using savings in 401k and IRAs to rebuild and recover from recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The channel has just released new video interviews with retirement investing specialists, and a must read side-by-side comparison guide to 401ks and IRAs.

Chief financial analyst for Bank Rate, Greg McBride, came out on Fox on September 5th, 2017 to warn that tapping cash from 401ks should only be a last resort due to the high taxes that could be involved. This could be true for many who are currently out of work and are waiting on insurance claims. Yet, a panel of advisors from SDIRA.TV also note that there are many ways to rollover these funds to invest and rebuild their finances, without penalties. This also includes the Solo k, which may provide penalty free loans to business owners and the self-employed.

In addition to the new side by side comparison resource to evaluate retirement account options, individuals will also find the site offers a substantial lineup of experts; including leaders from MJS Think Tank, URS Capital Partners, Specialized IRA Services, and Growth Equity Group, as well as leading finance professionals like Chase Thompson.

Some residents of Southern Texas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, as well as those with investments there, may have little choice but to access from of their retirement funds to stay afloat and cover the immediate cash crunch. However, there may be smarter ways to do it, without incurring double digit tax penalties. For others it may just be a need to find more profitable and safer investments to put their retirement funds into.

Find out more about your options and access these critical and tax saving resources at SDIRA.TV.



SDIRA.TV Educates Those Who Want To Invest Like Warren Buffett

via PR Web

Tampa based, SDIRA.TV has launched a menu of new investment education tools including self-directed retirement investing episodes, live events, video tutorials, and eLearning guides. Through these channels, and a member forum of tens of thousands of peer investors, those looking to make smart money moves will find advanced tax saving strategies, real estate investment opportunities, and how they can find long-term vehicles for generating passive income in retirement.

For at least the second time this year, legendary investor Warren Buffett has been in the news for making a major real estate play. According to National Real Estate Investor in June 2017 it was announced that Berkshire Hathaway was taking a near 10% stake in Store Capital for $377M. This follows Buffett’s personal investment in 2 million shares of Sears related real estate. Other recent real estate related investments include Canada’s Home Capital, and Berkadia Commercial Mortgage. This is all in addition to his other plays which most notably include Clayton Homes and Berkshire Hathaway Realty.

Home prices have been rising according to the latest data from the National Association of Realtors, and real estate continues to be a strong income play for those seeking passive income, and stable long-term investments. Bank of America Merrill Lynch reports that billions are being plowed into this sector, even after Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen’s recent prediction that we are unlikely to see another financial crisis during our lifetimes.

Self-Directed IRA TV ( is a platform which educates investors on how they can invest in real estate precious metals, and private equity, through tax protected retirement accounts. The head of SDIRA.TV, Cynthia Faulkner, says, “Self-directed retirement account investing can give individuals the freedom to invest in real estate and other income producing assets, with a strong long-term outlook.”

Those who hope to mimic Buffett’s success in investing for their own financial futures, and who want to learn more about controlling their retirement investments can get a free copy of The Investor Success Toolkit at

Stocks are about to tumble by 7 to 10 percent

via CNBC

The S&P 500 has suffered a 7 to 10 percent decline in each year since 1995. I believe this year is no different — and that, in fact, such a decline is around the corner.

First of all, the market’s strength appears to be flagging. Sure, the S&P is up 9.2 percent this year, but more than half of that advance came in the first two months of 2017. It is striking to note that right now the index stands almost exactly where it found itself at the beginning of June.

This is odd, because the fundamentals have proceeded quite well. The improvement in earnings we saw in the first and second quarters, and the recent better-than-expected economic data, have all become evident after most of this year’s rally had already taken place. In other words, this is yet another example of when the market moves differently than the way fundamentals tell us it “should” move.

But this distinction isn’t encouraging; quite the contrary.

Beyond the stalling in the level of the S&P 500 itself, it is interesting to note that the number of stocks above their 200-day moving average has declined markedly. This tells us that the market is becoming more “narrow” in leadership.

Even worse, we’re also seeing a divergence in the breadth of the market on days in which the S&P sees a big move. Last Tuesday, when the S&P 500 enjoyed a 1 percent rise, 4.5 stocks in the index advanced for each that declined. Yet two Thursdays ago, when the market slid 1.5 percent, 20 stocks fell for each that rose.

And let’s not forget about the macroeconomic backdrop.

The Federal Reserve plans to begin to shrink its balance sheet, which means there will be less liquidity in the system than there has been in many years. As we have shown many times in the past, this liquidity has been the key fuel for the rally over the past eight to nine years — so the fact that it’s going to be less plentiful going forward makes us quite cautious.

With monetary policy changing, we need to see fiscal policy pick up the slack. Although we do think we’ll get some sort of tax package and other fiscal stimulus before next year’s election, it’s going to be a lot less than people were hoping for, and won’t be enough to make up the difference.

In other words, the improvement in fundamentals is already behind us. Looking forward, several catalysts would seem to suggest that a drop is more likely than a rise. And for close watchers of the charts, the market’s “internals” are telling us that already.

SDIRATV Helps Retirement Investors Despite Rollback Of Fiduciary Rule

IRA and 401k account holders take control of investments with insights from SDIRATV

Despite the halt of the fiduciary rule by President Trump, SDIRATV continues to empower individual investors to take control of their retirement accounts with a variety of tools and educational online events.

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SDIRATV Helps Individuals Prepare For New Financial Choice Act

SDIRATV helps individuals get ready for impact of Financial Choice Act.

SDIRATV rolls out new episodes online events for individual investors desiring better options under new legislation which aims to reverse the Dodd-Frank Act.

SDIRATV’s President Cynthia Faulkner says, “interest in alternative investments and self-direction has been growing in the expectation of major changes in markets, and as awareness of how traditional advisors work.”

Further industry shakeups are expected as the new Financial Choice Act makes its way through the legislative process. The act passed the House vote on June 8th 2017, and is awaiting Senate approval. Both loved and hated, the act would represent the most dramatic changes in the American financial system in a decade. Those in favor expect it to clear the path for more lending and economic growth. The detractors fear that it strips taxpayers of protections from bank and investment advisor abuses, and could be setting up another 2008 style financial collapse.

The Financial Choice Act, and a new list of recommendations from the US Treasury Department incorporate a broad range of changes, including eliminating the Fiduciary Rule, raising the threshold for stress tests on banking institutions, and enabling large financial firms the choice to opt-out of certain regulations and oversight if they increase their reserves. This also aims to give the president the ability to fire the head of the FHFA, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as well as having the right to approve its budget. Even if the entire bill is not passed as-is, many parts may still be made law.

SDIRATV gives individuals insight and tools for diversifying their retirement portfolios, and taking control of their own tax deferred and tax-free accounts. This is of special interest to those concerned with the controversial decision not to force investment advisors to act in their clients’ best interests, by repealing the Fiduciary Rule.

Find out more online at

SDIRATV Offers Guide To Investors As House Votes Down Fiduciary Rule

Retirement investing education portal steps up with new guides as new legislation fails to protect investors.

SDIRATV publishes new episodes to help individual investors navigate the new retirement landscape as the Financial Choice Act reverses the Fiduciary Rule. The rule which would have required investment advisors and bankers to act in their clients’ best interests was put on hold earlier this year. On June 8th 2017, a new Financial Choice Act bill was approved in the House, which includes provisions to eliminate fiduciary rule requirements altogether.

Prior to these most recent rulings JP Morgan Chase had begun to notify clients that it would be turning over investment accounts to individuals to self-direct their own investments. That move has been reversed, with the Financial Choice Act giving big banks the option to limit how they are supervised and governed if they increase their reserves. For a bank like JP Morgan Chase that is estimated to be an increase of a little over $100B.

While there is hope that the repealing of Dodd-Frank Act reforms, and the institution of the Financial Choice Act will ease lending and aid economic growth in America, opponents such as Senator Warren have expressed concern that it will remove consumer protections, and put taxpayers at risk of having to fund another major bailout of ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions.

SDIRATV has been raising awareness of the option for individual investors to self-direct their own IRA and 401k accounts. These retirement plan options give individuals the same tax advantages as traditional accounts, but allow them to circumvent advisors who are not bound to operate in their best interests. According to IRS rules, this also expands the number of investment options for individuals within their retirement accounts, HSAs, and ESAs. Instead of being tied only to the currently bloated stock market, self-direction enables individuals to invest in such things as real estate, private equity, mortgage loan notes, partnerships, and precious metals.

At retirement investors will now find a wide range of educational materials including episodes, upcoming live online events, and videos on how to leverage non-recourse financing,  SDIRATV is currently offering free membership to help investors get informed and adjust to the current financial landscape.

SDIRA TV Launches To Aid Retirement Investors

New online TV channel launches to help individuals invest smart for retirement

SDIRA TV just went live, providing expert insights for investing for retirement, passive income, and reducing taxes in the process. Weekly live TV shows host industry pros in a variety of categories, in eye opening interviews that reveal how the wealthy are successfully multiplying their investments far beyond what most realize is available to them.

The new online TV platform specializes in educating and equipping individuals to intelligently invest through self-directed IRAs and 401ks. Through these vehicles investors can control their own financial future by investing directly in a broader range of options that are typically made available through traditional IRAs and workplace 401ks. Yet, users still retain the same tax benefits, including deductions in contribution years, tax deferred and tax-free returns and gains.

Investment categories discussed in the first few episodes have included IRA custodians, mortgage notes, real estate, and lien loans. Others to be tackled in upcoming episodes include; cannabis investments, gold and silver, oil, and timber rights. Featured experts in July and August 2017 have been Scott Carson, Kira Golden, Preston Despenas, Tyler Carter, Nathan Turner, Chaz Guinn, Kirk Chisolm, Jake and Gino, and Eddie Speed.

In addition to live weekly online TV episodes viewers will find on-site FAQs, a library of past shows, and resources such as free ebooks and giveaways from highly respected industry professionals appearing on the show. There is also a live chat feature for those wanting live help with questions regarding retirement investing and self-directed IRAs.

Membership to SDIRA is currently free, and is being broadcast to tens of thousands of members. Industry experts who are at the top of their game in their given niches are also invited to check out the site and submit a request to become featured speakers or sponsors for future episodes. Find it all at

Cynthia Faulkner Reveals Mitt Romney’s $102M IRA Secrets On SDIRA.TV

President of SDIRA.TV  to unveil the secrets behind Mitt Romney’s wealth in new SDIRA.TV episode

Mitt Romney has accumulated a retirement savings account worth an estimated $102M. That’s a feat that has wowed even many savvy private equity investors and money managers, according to The Atlantic. The strategies used to accelerate such massive wealth building will be laid out and discussed in an upcoming episode of SDIRA.TV.

Cynthia Faulkner, president of SDIRA.TV, the retirement investors education portal, says that many individuals may be surprised to discover that these same types of investment strategies can be used by virtually everyone. Though even few leading find managers may be using them.

In a new episode of SDIRA.TV, Cynthia will discuss the power of leveraging real estate for retirement investing, as well as using smart tax strategies like the Roth IRA to achieve tax free gains on investments. With the right self-directed retirement account choices individuals can maximize their annual contributions to IRAs, at more than $30,000 each year. They can also hand select more profitable and less volatile investments that traditional accounts which limit them to stocks and bonds. These moves can result in tax deductions for current years, deferred taxes on gains, and even tax free gains.

Former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney was believed to be worth at least $250M by 2007 according to the Associate Press, and is likely worth far more today.

Cynthia Faulkner recently became president of the SDIRATV. An online portal for learning about self-directed investing for retirement, and which boasts tens of thousands of members. SDIRATV is an online show featuring investment experts from around the country. Recent features include co-hosts such as Preston Despenas of Growth Equity Group, note expert Eddie Speed, and Scott Carson.

Look out for this new episode and watch recent ones at

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