Mahir Allan – MJS Think Tank – Episode 21

Mahir Allan

Mahir Allan

MJS Think Tank
Mahir is head of business development at MJS Think Tank, He assists companies and beneficiaries with addressing issues that arise from NPNs, liquidity concerns, and workout strategies. Marhir simultaneously manages multiple departments involving operational, financial, borrower, and beneficiaries difficulties or inefficiencies. In addition he assists in acquisitions and sales of distressed REOs, 1st and 2nd mortgage assets.






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Attend The Distressed Note Expo

September 16-17 In Orange County California

Seats are going fast

Spend two days with industry professionals to learn all of the in's and out's of the 'Paper' business. We will have panels and speakers covering everything from non-performing loans to creating 'Partials' to originating your own loans or seller financed notes and performing loans.

About MJS Think Tank

MJS Think Tank's purpose is to build a well rounded group of individuals that will succeed in the note business. We educate investors the RIGHT way in order to understand distressed mortgages. Our primary goal is to teach investors the proper way to analyze a single loan or a large tape. The money is made in the analysis and with our years of experience and success we want to pass our knowledge down to others.

At MJS Think Tank, we provide many options for you to get started in the distressed mortgage industry. Some of the features are our videos, slides, webinars, coaching calls, message forums, news letters, live events, and so much more.

With MJS Think Tank you have the ability to learn at your own pace with information that no one else will share in the industry.


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