Josh Manier – Red Rock Capital – Episode 17

Josh Manier

Josh Manier

Red Rock Capital
The President of Red Rock Capital, Joshua Manier has been involved in all aspects of real estate investing for the past 10+ years. He has processed, underwritten, brokered, financed, rehabbed, and sold investment properties and has managed a private mortgage fund since 2012. Mr. Manier is responsible for operational aspects of the company including management of marketing, underwriting, loan servicing, and administration. He currently serves as a strategic adviser to a select number of privately held companies.






About Red Rock Capital

Red Rock Capital provides financing to real estate investors around the country on 1-4 unit investment properties and select commercial properties. We source new loan opportunities, underwrite, fund, and manage loan servicing.

We provide these comprehensive services on behalf of funds we manage directly, family offices, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals. We diligently vet each loan to match the risk-reward profile that most accurately appeals to the investment objectives of each investment pool funding the loan. Red Rock also serves as delegated underwriter and strategic adviser to the investors we sell and manage loans on behalf of.

Our positioning as a smaller, private firm gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace because we're able to hand pick the best opportunities and harvest only the best opportunities for Prime Pinnacle Members.


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