Chris Urso – URS Capital Partners – Episode 20

Chris Urso

Chris Urso

URS Capital Partners
Christopher Urso is managing partner of URS Capital Partners and since 2007 he has been committed to the company’s growth. Christopher has been responsible for cultivating the firm’s strong relationships via its industry partners, private investors and real estate professionals. From 2008-2009, Christopher led a multi-state team to acquire, renovate and sell over 60 single family homes. In 2010 he directed the firms efforts towards multifamily with the purchase of a vacant 40 unit building and has since taken a very systematic path to acquiring over $100,000,000 in multifamily assets.






About URS Capital Partners

URS Capital Partners is a highly focused multifamily firm with a combination of institutional and entrepreneurial leadership. With over 1,800 units acquired in strategic growth markets throughout the Southeast and Midwest, URS has proven its ability to generate double digit yields on both leveraged and unleveraged investments.

Our firm’s primary focus is creating value. The opportunity for value that URS targets is often derived from distressed sellers, inappropriate capital structures, significant capital needs and/or poor management resulting in underperformance in rent growth and operations.

By investing with URS, you can rely on our team to thoroughly stress-test opportunities before we offer them to our investors. We leverage our extensive experience in both acquisitions and operations to provide you with opportunities that most investors never have access to.


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