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Chaz Guinn

Chaz Guinn

Granite Strategic Investments
Mr. Guinn is the President of Granite Strategic Investments, which is a subsidiary of Granite Investment Group, an Irvine, California-based company that manages over $1 billion in real estate assets. From 2011-15, Chaz was focused on the architecture and educational platform at Granite Loan Solutions, where he rose to become a partner in the company. Over the last five years he has managed and liquidated over of $400M in assets, and over 5,500 loans and properties. Chaz specializes in distressed whole loan trading, asset management, note investor education, and servicing. He has built his reputation on a track record of structuring, negotiating and executing some of the hardest trades possible in the low-value distressed market segment.

About Granite Strategic Investments

Granite Strategic Investments (“GSI”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Granite Investment Group (“Granite”), an Irvine, California-based company, which currently manages over one billion in real estate assets. Granite participated in the space of acquiring, managing, and trading 1st lien distressed residential mortgages from 2010-2013 when it sold its distressed loan business to its management team. Granite made the decision to re-enter the business and formed GSI, whose primary objective is to be a market leader in the low-to-moderate income asset-class and provide solutions to both the banking sector, distressed homeowners, private investors, and local communities and neighborhoods that have been affected by the financial downturn in the housing market. Our focus is centered on loans secured by properties with market values of less than $200,000. We feel this sector of the market is underserved, and we specialize in this niche asset class.

Our acquisition and trade platform has been designed to provide sellers and trade partners with an efficient, cost-effective, and transparent means to work with us. We identify the risk in these assets through demanding analytics and a hands-on due diligence approach prior to assigning a suitable value to each loan. GSI utilizes proprietary tools that combine sophistication with simplicity to effectively price portfolio’s based on many risk factors. Such as loss-mitigation strategies, financial health of the defaulted homeowner, the supply and demand in local markets, along with macroeconomic factors such as house price trends, interest rate inflation, and unemployment rates.

GSI’s selected niche in the low-to-moderate income segment is based on the fact that lower-valued loans require a more borrower-focused approach to loan resolution which makes it challenging for larger financial institutions given their current overheads and the lack of bandwidth to handle these loans. Our infrastructure, which includes strong internal processes, years of experience dealing with scratch and dent loans, the utilization of specialized vendors and a proven method in the management of these companies, allows us to handle the volume while gaining the benefits of a successful resolution with the homeowners whenever possible. GSI has built a vast network of smaller, local, and regional investors that offer the advantage of a hands-on approach to resolution of the loans. Whether they are a family office, a smaller non-profit, or a private investor using their IRA, this network of buyers/investors has been part of a on-going strategy for distribution of loans to local investors while GSI continues to builds up its infrastructure and management processes to focus on loan resolutions on a larger scale.

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